When I first bought Elements I didn’t know where to turn. Then I found Jacks Tech Corner and kept hearing Jack talk about these courses. I thought I could just learn enough on You Tube for free. But one night I thought why not sign up and see if these were going to help me more. I found that the way the courses are laid out and following the videos in order I learned so much faster then searching all the time for videos on You Tube. I wanted to share my joy for these courses they are worth so much more then the cost.

This course just works!

If you are thinking of taking one of these courses on Photoshop Elements and are not sure let me say just do it! I signed up and waited and waited and then finally took Elements 12 and I was hooked. I have taken everyone of these courses with each new version. I am a much better editor now. You will be happy you and it is an easy way to learn.

I learned so much!